The art of parenthood

It has been a week since the arrival of LSS, and we have had a good taste of what parenthood really means.

She sleeps with us at night between our legs, walking and lying on our belly. She steps all over our keyboard while we type, bringing our laptops to a freezing stop. She runs around the house like mad and plays tag with herself and her imaginary friend. She wakes us up at 6am sharp and requires a clean scoop of her litter box before she’s willing to do her potty. She climbs all over me during forward bends in yoga, and hangs onto the strings in my hoodie during down dog. She scratches everything from cardboard to window screens, leaving her mark and scent to show her ownership.

Last night was the first time we had a quiet sleep, but when we woke up, we couldn’t find LSS anywhere. I searched the rooms and under the bed, but she was nowhere in sight. Then I remembered I closed the door on her in my closet last night to teach her a lesson, but forgot to let her out before I fell asleep dead tired on my bed! As I opened the closet door, she meowed and jumped right out. Behind her was my dresses and shirts all over the floor, still warm to the touch; she had made a cozy little nest with it and kept herself warm. I felt so terrible; how could I have locked my baby in the closet?

In return, our house was turned upside down when we got home this evening. She flipped the garbage container over and found the Styrofoam that held the chicken thighs. It was torn into pieces and dragged all across the kitchen floor. She also puked whatever she ate right by her food tray. What’s even worse was that when we opened the door to get into the house, she sneaked right past us and ran outside. We tried to call her back with temptations and food, but she ran and ran and we couldn’t see her anywhere. I was mortified! I walked all around outside but it was really dark and I could hardly see anything. I stood outside my door feeling defeated and drowned in guilt. It’s official, I am a terrible parent, so terrible that LSS has decided to run away from home and never come back again!

I stood at the front door refusing to go inside until LSS came back. After what seemed like forever, David came out and said that LSS is sitting at the back door. I ran inside and saw her sitting in the kitchen, purring and meowing, staring up at us with her innocent gaze like nothing had happened.

In that moment I realized she held no grudge against me for what I have done to her. She still loves us and pour her heart out no matter what happens. As curious as she can be, home is still the place she will come back to.

Open up your heart, and be amazed at the love you are capable of.

Love, and be loved in return.


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