First week of work!

I really wanted to update my blog yesterday but the bus home was 25min late, and I had to run to the pharmacy to get eye drops for LSS. She seems to have gotten a minor infection in her right eye, causing a bit of discharge whenever she wakes up from a nap. However, she’s still very playful and loves to chase after the toy mouse by throwing it up in midair and then jumping up to catch it. She also got a taste of the outside world last Sunday by sneaking out on us and jumping right into the deep snow,  causing me a big heart attack. All in all, she’s a super adorable and active kitty who still loves to sleep on the blue blankie : )

Work on the other hand is great. Everyone at the county is super friendly and helpful, and after two days of working here, I think I’ve gotten most of people’s names down! I really enjoy the current projects, which transitions many paper files into electronic databases, making our work more efficient and environmentally friendly. It’s such a great opportunity to see and learn first hand how different departments work together to make the county flow smoothly.

As I wait for the bus after work and getting home an hour and half later at 6pm, I suddenly feel like I’m missing out on spending time with David and LSS. I’ve never had to travel more than 20min for either work or school, so an hour of bus ride seems like forever. Maybe that’s why people move their homes closer to work so that the commute is shorter and more time to spend with the family.

On a different note, LSS’ new toy of the day is a ballpoint pen! She tries so hard to catch it but David keeps on swinging it back and forth, up and down. Poor LSS… Although I must say her ability to stand up straight is quite good! It must get pretty lonely for her during the day, so we try to play with her as much as possible when we’re at home. It’s also quite endearing to see David being so patient and loving with LSS : ) I think I’ve made a cat lover out of him!



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