Yoga is an art of studying the relationship between the flow of energy and your consciousness, an art of being one with the existence

– Amritanshu Mishra

Sophie was a delight to work with. Her attention to detail and cheery disposition made her a pleasure to supervise. Her intelligence and her ability to work well with other people and clients made her a fabulous addition to the Saskatchewan Express team. I highly recommend Sophie for whatever position she seeks as I believe her to be a remarkable young woman.

Nora Berg

This past summer, I attended one of Sophie’s introductory Yoga classes at the Open Door Yoga studio in Vancouver. As a teacher, she presented a sequence of yoga poses that were both challenging and invigorating. Her instructions were always well-articulated, but she was also able to adapt to individual students’ needs when necessary with further guidance when needed. For instance, I recall another student in the class stating that she had issues with a particular pose due to minor back problems, and Sophie was able to quickly suggest alternatives to prevent injury, while still allowing a gentle stretch.

Most of all, I remember that her class seemed to flow effortlessly as she was able to transition well between the poses with her calm, composed instructions and movements. She seemed to develop a strong rapport with her students quickly, which allowed us to trust her guidance. Although disappointed to learn that she was leaving Vancouver, I know that Sophie will continue to work hard to share her knowledge and passion of Yoga with others wherever she is.

Chris Pang


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