Welcoming LSS home

After much anticipation and preparation, we have finally taken LSS home. It was a very bumpy ride due to the left over of our previous snow storm, so she was very uncomfortable and unhappy in her carrying cage (aka pet taxi), and meowing all the way back. Once she was home, she started purring right away and ran everywhere to explore the house. One thing that intrigued her the most is our full length mirror, as she kept on looking into it over and over again; I think she’s very happy with how cute she looks!

The cat house was a great hit, especially the mouse dangling on top. She also loves to walk all over us to kiss and lick. Her original name at the SPCA was Hemi, named after the hemi engine because she sure purrs like one! We let her in our bedroom to sleep but she kept on purring all night long with very few breaks! I think she’s very excited to be in a home full of love and attention, and hopefully she’ll be more herself once she’s adjusted to the new life here.

She slept on our belly and near the foot, finding our fingers and toes super amusing to chase after. She’s very active and playful, and really gives out a lot of happiness and appreciation for the simplest things. I was also very proud of her this morning when she successfully used the enclosed litter box for the first time without even teaching! As I always say, tuxedo cats are 200% smarter than any other cat : )

So what is she doing now? Just finished bathing herself and sleeping quietly beside me on the blue blankie. Yes she’s in love with that as well, and peace for me, finally!

p.s. A little background on LSS. She is 2 years old now, and was found in an abandoned home at the end of October this year. She still had milk when she arrived at the SPCA so she must have just had kittens. However, they were unable to find her kittens anywhere, so they only took her in. I hope she will enjoy her life with us and grow into the beautiful cat she is.


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