When you buy more, you want more

So I’ve been eyeing these pair of yoga pants for a very long time. I kept on looking at them on the website, envied people who had them, and even popped into the store to try them on. But the price tag was hefty, and I just couldn’t justify buying them, yet.

Last week there was a power outage in our neighborhood, so I persuaded myself to go out, made an excuse to go to the store, and there they were, sitting on the sale rack in my size, last pair in the store, as if they were screaming my name.

I was beyond happy, I was ecstatic! I bought them right away, and wore them to class the next morning.

But the happiness was gone.

Why wasn’t I excited anymore? Aren’t these the pants I’ve always wanted?

Yes, but I have them now, and they’ve just become another pair of pants in my closet. I’ve just transferred my anticipation into realization, and now my mind has moved onto a different pair of pants to focus on, to want.

“I told you so!” I say to my mind.

“Yeah yeah yeah, whatever”, the mind gives me back a sulky look, “you were right.”

So I have learnt my lesson, that “want” is a suffering caused by the mind, and an illusion created by the mind. When you want more, you buy more. But when you buy more, you want even more. It’s a never ending cycle of never being satisfied.

So take a deep breath, stop the mind from spinning, and take a good look around you. Appreciate what you already have, and give gratitude to all the people and moments in your life.


Oh and these are the gorgeous pants if you were curious : )


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