Life opens up when you do!

Life opens up when you do

Since the day I discovered the hush hush behind dividing by 0, the famous 1/0 = ∞, I was fascinated. I had such trouble wrapping my head around the concept of absolutely nothing and there being everything. If the Universe is infinitely expanding, what’s outside of it? Nothing? What’s nothing? How can there be absolutely nothing? And how do you divide something that’s nothing to get everything? Or divide by everything and suddenly you have nothing?

Well, the math part goes like this, as it’s more of a limit approaching zero or infinity, because if you divided a pie by ∞, or breaking the pie by infinite amount of pieces, each person would get such a tiny piece that it’s like getting nothing, yet you are still getting something because there are infinite amount of decimal places to represent.

So wouldn’t it make more sense if the true 0 is actually infinite? As in when you are released from what you think you are or should become, your potential becomes infinite, like a new born baby with all the possibilities in the world to become who she/he wants to be, or that each second becomes a new beginning for everyone.

Crest had a commercial that said, “Life opens up when you do”, meaning having a big confident smile when our teeth is white and breath is fresh, but isn’t it true for all aspects of life? Only when we let go of things that no longer serves us, do we make space for better and more positive things to come into our lives. Life is full of such endless possibilities, but if you only hold on to what you have right now, then you are closing yourself to everything that could become you.

In Yoga we always say let go of how the pose should look like, because everyone is different, and it’s all about feeling what’s right for you. And when we let go of the “I” or the ego, the one that says “I want that”, or “I deserve this”, we become more aware of our true selves and the others around us, and to feel the connection within all of us.

So when you seal the practice next time by saying “Namaste”, know that we are all within one another, and that when we let go of everything, the light of the Universe will shine through to manifest every possibility there is.

Aka 0 = ∞.


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