Problems in life? There’s always a solution!

Budda Lama Samten

Last night I had the honor of being in the presence of Lama Samten, many thanks to Perri from Living Yoga Studios for hosting and organizing this wonderful gathering.

The first thing that caught my attention was how happy he was, emanating love and happiness as he walked into the room. I read an article a while ago on a day spent with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and it was noted that he was the happiest person the author has ever known.

So what’s their secret to happiness?

Lama Samten escaped Tibet in 1985, walked day and night, and found refuge in South India to continue his studies. He has since moved to Quebec in 1999 to share his wisdom and teachings. For someone who was exiled and so far away from home, he is surprisingly a very happy man. He talked about meditation and the flow of energy in our bodies, and also explaining that in the Buddhist philosophy, every negative thought or problem has its antidote. Or in other words, if it is a problem, there will always be a solution, and if it doesn’t have any solutions, then it isn’t a problem, but merely a fact of life.

This touched me very profoundly, summarizing what I’ve been trying to explain about happiness in such simple terms. When faced with problems in life, we often complain or whine about them, eager to hear sympathetic words from others like “there there”, “it’s ok”, “I know how you feel”. But these words do nothing to help or solve the problem, they merely make you feel better temporarily, and you are still stuck at the same place. Only when we acknowledge that there is a problem, know that we have the power to take actions to solve it, can we take charge in life and make the first step towards happiness. The difficulty always lies in the courage to open up our hearts, see past the surface, understand what the root of the problem is, and put the solution into action.

True happiness is not when you know nothing and is blindly joyous, it is when you see, accept, and love things as they are, and know exactly what you need to do when faced with the obstacles in life. And when we see the truths, there is nothing to be unhappy about, because everything is perfect as it is, with our lives are guided by our hearts’ desires manifesting into the Universe, and being the best we can be.

So let’s all be happy, for there’s always solutions to our problems, or else they are not problems at all!


2 thoughts on “Problems in life? There’s always a solution!

  1. kaushik says:

    Thanks for the information on finding solutions for any problem which is applicable to every common life,i will try and apply these actions in my life,Thanks for very needful advice.

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