How to make edible chocolate leaves

What you will need:

1. Dark Chocolate.

I bought a cheap large pack to try out, knowing that I will probably screw up the first time around, which I did indeed. I would recommend Lindt 85% cocoa for a better taste, this one made my stomach feel icky.


2. Leaves.

Any shape or size is fine, but the more and clearer the veins the better. Wash them clean and pat dry, you don’t want to mix water and chocolate. Remember to keep a bit of the stems for easy pealing later.

IMG065_1000 IMG066_1000


1. Boil Water & Melt Chocolate inside a bowl

Boil some water and pour it into a pot/wok (or boil the water inside the pot over stove). Then place your chocolate inside a bowl and into the hot water. Be careful not to get any water into the chocolate!

Remember to turn off the stove to stop the water from boiling after you put the bowl in, or else you’ll burn your chocolate like I did on my first try : (

Your chocolate should melt right up into a spreadable consistency.

IMG076_1000 IMG077_1000

2. Spread/Dip chocolate on leaves

If you have a pastry brush, spread the chocolate neatly over the backs on the leaves, where the veins are more visible.

If you don’t have one, hold the stem of the leave, and dip it gently into the chocolate. Let it drip off on the end, and gently place it onto a tin foil plate.

IMG078_1000 IMG079_1000

3. Freeze and Peal

Once you are done dipping/spreading the chocolate, place them inside the freezer for about 10min to cool down.

Then starting from the stem, slowly peel the chocolate off the leave. I’m going to dry a different leave next time to get more details, this one turned out ok, but kinda boring and not as pretty as I would have liked.

You can either eat it now (nom nom nom), or use it as decorations for cakes, cupcakes, you name it.

Voila, and enjoy!

IMG080_1000 IMG081_1000 IMG083_1000


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