Lululemon the Mat discolouration? Fear not and read on!

Long story short, before I moved back to China and sold/donated all my stuff in 2009, David had me donate my yoga mat as well. So when I came back in 2010, he took me to Lululemon and bought me the Mat and a Namaste Yoga Tote to carry it in.

I was very happy with the Mat since it was very cushiony and highly grippy. But after a year or so, I started to notice a bit of discolouration, starting with little spots here and there that did not wash out after use, causing even more water stains to remain. I have always washed it with water and let it dry out, but nothing seemed to work. I left it in the bag for a very long time, embarrassed to take it to class or show it in public, and looking at other people’s perfect looking mats in shame. I felt as if I did something wrong.

After some research and talking to others, I finally decided to reach out to Lulu’s GEC (guest education centre, aka customer service), to ask if I’ve been doing something wrong, or is there anyway to fix this.

I was connected with Tracy, and she suggested using mild soap/body wash and warm water, see if the water stains/discolourations will disappear. I then spent the whole afternoon cleaning it with warm soapy water, and even soaking it in the bath tub with baking soda and vinegar, rinsing it, and then hanging it outside to dry.

After cleaning, it still looked like this 😦

lululemon the mat discoloration zoomed in

So I emailed the pictures to GEC, and very soon Tracy emailed back and offered me a full refund to a Lulu gift card. She said they will stand behind the quality of their products, and the Mat was designed to last full function for at least five years. I have always heard how great their customer service is, and I am indeed very happy with how this turned out.

Just a important note, NEVER use any oil based cleanser for the Mat, such as tea tree oil, for it will erode away the surface and loose its grip. Avoid using most of the ones provided in the yoga studios, unless you are certain of the content, and only use warm water and baking soda, or white vinegar/lemon juice, just something acidic. You can always make your own cleanser spray concoction by mixing warm water and white vinegar to clean it 🙂

I have also heard that perhaps the lighter colours tend to stain more than the darker ones, and mine was a lavender. Also be weary of the type of lotion you wear before stepping onto the mat. I think I will go with a dark blue next time!


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