After weeks of putting myself out there, I had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful souls in the Kingston Yoga community, all of whom embraced me with open arms. They also introduced me to even more incredible people, such as Laurie Vella, the owner of Healing Hands & Mind Body Spirit Yoga Studio, both a healer and a teacher. She graciously invited me to her brand new studio, and offered me three time slots to teach. I fell in love with the studio right away, with its beautiful bamboo floorings, huge floor to ceiling windows, and the gorgeous green space outside. The space is also very intimate and cozy, the perfect place to cultivate a student teacher relationship, and a sense of community.

With the leaves falling and weather changing, things are also starting to fall into place for me. Knowing that without my ego, I cannot be hurt or harmed, I began clearing myself of negative thoughts and energies, becoming more aware of  where my heart is leading me, and believing that it knows what’s best for me, and what I truly need in life.

I look forward in sharing more with you on the mat.


Healing hands

Healing Hands & Mind Body Spirit Yoga Studio
832 Development Dr.
Kingston, Ontario K7M 5V7
Phone:     (613) 384-7860


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