My Five Fave Tips for Peaceful Travels

We have finally arrived in Kingston with LSS, and it was quite the trip! She stayed quiet for the most part, but voiced her opinion and gave us resentful glares when we chose to go the bumpy smaller highways. She was also skeptical of the hotels, hiding underneath the bed for the most part. But all in all, I would say we all survived and made it in one piece! I was so happy to wake up this morning to the sun and a free yoga class with Bethany right by the water, courtesy of Lululemon.

Today we also have a guest post from Kendra Thorton on her favourite five tips on peaceful travels, probably something I should have read before ours : )

My Five Fave Tips for Peaceful Travels

I love seeing new places and creating new experiences. Some of the best times I have ever had have been while travelling. One thing I have found over the years is incorporating balance why you travel is essential.  Having been fortunate enough to travel often, I have had the time to pinpoint these five ways to make sure that you travel peacefully and stay balanced:

• Be Flexible – No, I’m not talking about yoga…yet! Sometimes the best way that you can have a good time is to just take things as they come. Roll with the punches. Don’t let the little things get you down. If it seems that things just keep going wrong, just keep in mind that nothing lasts forever. It won’t be long before a stroke of luck will hit and you’ll be feeling good again. Luggage lost, took a wrong turn, or maybe just a little jetlagged? Simply, breathe deep and keep moving forward…it’s vacation!

• Get The Most Bang For Your Buck – It’s become a game for me to find places to stay with the most to offer from swimming pools and hot tubs to full continental breakfasts and in room Jacuzzis. The amenities I look for differ depending on whether I am traveling with my kids, my husband or my girlfriends. Travel review sites like Gogobot are a great help. I just type in the amenities I want and these sites do the searching for me. Saving money comes in many forms. For example, you won’t need to spend as much on expensive restaurants if you can eat at the hotel as part of your included costs.

•  Healthy Eating Tips – We all love vacation; however, we don’t like bringing our “extra” weight luggage home with us! Just because you’re on a getaway doesn’t mean you need to go overboard in the food department. If you’re out to eat, remember leftovers always make for a great money saver the next day, just leave it in your hotel fridge. Also, throughout the traveling day I like packing little nutritious snacks that keep my energy high and my bad eating habits low.

• Take A Staycation – Instead of putting a big trip on your credit and worrying the whole time about how you are really spending money that you don’t have, stay close to home! It’s amazing how so many of us never see the sights in our home state. Look around you as if you’d never been here before. What would you do as a tourist in your home state? Believe it or not, sticking close to home can be fun and easier on your wallet.

• Keep Your Fitness Present – Exchange that pair of high heels in your duffle bag for your running sneakers or better yet, keep the sneakers and slip in your compact yoga mat! Many hotels in major cities offer free yoga classes on their rooftop…how cool is that? Or take a look at Kimpton Hotels in Chicago, D.C., NYC, Miami, Boston, etc. because they offer a free yoga mat in every room along with on demand fitness TV!

Whether you are on the road heading across the country or even just getting away for the weekend this Fall, try and remember to bring your healthy lifestyle choices along. There is always room for balance and I assure you that it is worth it to do a little preplanning and a lot of relaxation once you have arrived to your destination!

Thank you all for your continue support of my blog, and may the new adventures begin!


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