It’s always hard to say goodbye

I was overwhelmed by all the love and support from everyone at the Municipality, and the beautiful yogis that came to my last class (both in person and in spirit) at Sol for my birthday yesterday.

My desk was plastered with “Happy Birthday” ribbons and signs, and we had a fantastic dinner together filled with laughter and good stories. I shared a “secret” on how to slim your mid section by helping your sinking stomach pull back up, and it was a hoot with everyone eager to try it when they got home. We received an email from our manager Kim this moring, stating that she “tested and .. feel thinner already ;)”. So what is this secret? It’s to lie on your back, tie your toes together with an elastic band, reach your arms over your head, and stretch for 2-5 minutes (see Kim’s photo demonstration below).  

big toe stretch

I can’t guarantee instant results like those TV commercials, but it’s definitely a good fun stretch to do. If you feel awesome afterwards, please share and let me know!

After a light dinner I headed over to Sol Yoga for my last class. It was filled with great energy and loving intentions. At the end of the class, Ashley said that it has been a long time since she left a yoga class feeling sad, and I felt it too. I have grown so much and fell in love with the yoga community here. I jokinly said that for the past two years there wasn’t much to do in Greenwood, and that’s probably why my yoga practice has improved significantly!

As I drove to work this morning for my last day at the Municipality, I had many mixed feelings. All the wonderful souls that gave me the opportunity to shine and learn all about local governments, property taxes, Sewer By-laws, and so much more! Not only do I now fully understand how the property tax system works, I will never be in the dark about charges that appear on our tax bill anymore! I am forever grateful on what I have learned and improved, and all the transferable skills that will take me far into the future.

I’d like to share a poem Wendy, our revuene supervisor, wrote for me, and a big THANK YOU to everyone that have touched my life here, showed me the beauty of the east coast, showered me with kindness, and embraced me into the community. Thank you very much!

Sophie, you came to work just two years ago.
Eager to learn what Kings County could show
It didn’t take long for you to fit in
Helping customers, doing edi’s and most other things
Special projects were part of your job to complete
Compiling all the data in a excel spreadsheet.
From Banking, and Legal and Insurance RFP’s
To PAP & Sewer calculations & SOE’s
You streamlined the dog registration on-line
Now customers have no forms to sign.
Last summer a new filing system we bought
It wasn’t the style or the price you sought
The biggest decision we were faced with, you see
Was what color should this system be?
You made us choose a color, no pressure you said
As long as we each chose the color red.
We each went to the basement, you made us go
To clean up the junk before the system would show
Red we did get and the shelves were put in
Each box has been labelled with what is within.
You spent many months rewriting the sewer bylaw to improve
And present to Council to get it approved.
In July it was ready for you to present.
You rocked at the presentation and off to Council it went.
No clarification was needed, no questions were asked
After months of work it was approved at last.
If ever you want to try free samples of stuff
Sophie can show you how to get enough
Enter it twice, put one address here
Put the other your home and it will appear
That you are two persons; you will get twice the stuff
No one will know and call your bluff.
Sophie, you’re moving to Ontario to your new home.
May you enjoy every moment to come
Thank you for everything that you’ve done
Helping me whenever I’d come
With stuff to complete or when something’s a fright.
Like word documents or spreadsheet that don’t look quite right.
I wish you success and all the best.
Good Luck from me, and all the rest.

It’s never a real goodbye, and may we see each other again!


4 thoughts on “It’s always hard to say goodbye

  1. Melanie says:

    I will miss you Sophie!!! But I so look forward to reading about your adventures! Thanks for all of the blogging advice and all of the help you have given me at work. 🙂 I wish you all the best!

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