Crazy for Wings at Capitol Pub

Yesterday I forgot to bring my yoga pants for class, so I borrowed a pair from my massage therapist (thank you Jennifer!), but it was probably a sign because no one actually showed up. As disappointing as that was, it was also vacation time and the beginning of a great long weekend. So I went home early, and David took me out to Middleton for Wings Night at Capitol Pub.

Thursday nights are always busy, and although we waited for about half an hour until the wings got to our table, they were well worth it. Freshly fried, crispy, and definitely finger licking delicious! We ordered 25 salt and pepper wings with honey garlic dipping sauce on the side, and they were only 60 cents each. They also have many other flavours, and I have seen first hand how spicy some of them are!

They also serve a variety of other yummy pub foods and breakfast items, but I’m all for the wings. Their outdoor patio is now open for the summer, and they have karaoke nights on Fridays. So if you are ever around Middleton, give them a try and you won’t be disappointed!
333 Main St
Middleton, NS
(902) 825-2742

capitol pubsalt and pepper wings


2 thoughts on “Crazy for Wings at Capitol Pub

  1. colgore says:

    Though I’m a vegetarian, I do have a thing for outdoor seating, pub foods, and summer fun. And for some reason I always end up around wing lovers and I’ve been to many a wing places.

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