Hi ho, hi ho, back to the job market we go!

“If you are gold, you will shine anywhere you go” – Chinese Proverb

After all the excitement of owning a new home, the reality finally sets in, I now have to look for a new job. Although the job search process can be long and tedious, it’s also a great time to reflect what you have accomplished, and how will you present yourself to prospect employers. All things are difficult before they are easy, and the hardest part is convincing someone to give you a chance, an opportunity to shine, and to connect all the dots together.

Building a career is much like everything else in life; you have to first establish the foundations, and then add icings and decorations on top. Working here and there is great, but you should also focus on developing skills that can take you to the next level. Even if you work at a fast food restaurant or a retail store, which is where I first started, you can still take away valuable assets such as teamwork, customer service, and leadership skills.

Products sell better with successful market strategies and innovative packaging ideas, and it’s the same for us. So recognize your weaknesses and strengths, be confident in what you know, and don’t sell yourself short. And most importantly, stay positive and professional throughout the entire process, because even if you didn’t get on the short list or wasn’t selected in the end, it’s still a great learning experience.

All that glitters may not be gold, but if you are, you will shine no matter where you go.


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