Proud new homeowners!

The last time I was in Kingston, it was for the NCWIE Conference hosted by Queen’s in the November of 2007. I remember seeing all the historic buildings and houses along the way to the hotel, and thinking to myself, I wouldn’t mind living here. Now 6 years later, I finally get to experience this active and attractive community first hand.

We went to Kingston last week with a goal of finding a place to live in five days, although it was no easy task, I was able to explore the whole city and really enjoy what it has to offer. Good food is always something we look forward to, and Kingston did not disappoint. The Woodenheads had the best pizza and appetizers, and we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of Japanese restaurants around. Maru really hit the spot with satisfying Ramen and rice balls, and Kame Sushi’s new décor and rolls were just divine. It was very interesting to learn that all of the Japanese restaurants are actually owned by Koreans, and they offer my favorite Korean dishes like pork bone soup and jajangmyeon too!

Once our bellies were satisfied, I started to look around at the Yoga community. There are quite a few studios in Kingston, offering a variety of practice styles. After a week of being in the scorching hot and humid weather, hot yoga was the way to go to get the sweat on, and must be so nice in the winter too! I also liked Studio 330 with all their classes being free will offering, and that everyone should have the opportunity to practice yoga, whether rich or poor.

As for our new home, we ended up in a bidding war and having to raise our offer to the full asking price, but getting it in the end was so worth it. With oak floors and cabinets, a fully furnished basement, and a gas fireplace, we knew it was the right home for us. The owners took immaculate care of the place, and we will do our best to keep it up in the years to come.

On our way back from the house, David turned and said to me, from now on, Kingston will be your home. I smiled back at him and felt tears in my eyes. Yes, no more renting and feeling lost when people ask me where you are from.

Kingston is our new home.

New Home Kingston


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