What’s stopping us from living happily ever after?

People always ask me, how do you manage your life when you’re moving all the time and never know what’s next? I smile and say that I love it and appreciate all the opportunities that come with it. I find the feeling of starting something new and pushing outside of my comfort zone exhilarating, and how lucky I am to be able to experience and see firsthand what it’s like to live somewhere else in the world. Instead of fighting against the wave, I embrace it and make the best out of everything that I have.


But embracing doesn’t mean to take whatever comes at you without a fight, but rather keeping a positive attitude and selecting carefully what we do, say, or think, and what we invite into our lives. It’s a conscious decision to choose the conversations we make and the companies we keep, and to always take deep breaths to breathe out the negativity that may come across our lives. What we project into the world is far more important than what we perceive the world as being, and what our actions and thoughts can influence is far more powerful than just words that come out of mouths.

I believe that everything that happens in our lives is either a conscious decision we made for ourselves, or a choice we made to let it slip and be passive about the end result. Either way we need to take ownership of both our actions and inactions, and to accept the outcome that happens because of it. Instead of jumping to conclusions and blame someone or something else for it, take a step back and ask ourselves what we can do differently to change. Can we stop doing something that’s causing the symptoms and can we do something positive to get back on track? Although it can be difficult to stay in control of our lives all the time, to keep our heads above the water and avoid being knocked out by the waves that keep on coming, the alternative is even scarier. That is to lose hope and give up on ourselves, to have someone else decide your life for you, and to forever be under the wave trying to catch a breath before the next one hits.

So how would you like to live?

For me, I like to challenge myself and do something that scares me (like Eka Pada Koundinyasana 1), and I’m humbled at what my body and mind can do when I trust myself and put my heart and soul into it. It also shows just how much more I still need to learn and improve. With focus, practice, and determination, there is no limit to our potential. Our mind is the main roadblock from us living happily ever after, and we are also the only one who can remove it.

So live, love, and keep breathing.

P.S. Loving the film “Warm Bodies” and totally digging Nicholas Hoult‘s portrayal of R! And yes, I’ll take him anyday over Edward Cullen. He’s sweet, kind, never gave up hope, and spread the love to all zombies! See, even zombies can have happily ever after too!

warm bodieswarm bodies 2


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