If I had won the lottery…

So, the winning ticket to last night’s Lotto 6/49’s $15million jackpot was bought by the staff at the Snack Shack, a local restaurant joint right here in Kentville.

News was buzzing through the office this morning, talking about if any of us had won it would we even show up at work, and what we would do with all the money. Oh the travels, purchases, and of course, early retirement! It even inspired us to start our very own lottery pool. We talked about how we would change our phone numbers, quit our jobs, and take the next flight to a warm and sunny place to spend the rest of our lives sipping Piña Coladas at the beach. But would that make us happy and content for the rest of our lives? Maybe, depending on how much we’ve won and how we manage it. But it also depends on if we know what makes us happy and how to stay happy. What winning a lottery or coming across a large amount of money could do is give us the freedom to step back and re-evaluate our lives, to have the option to choose what we want to do, instead of being forced to do things we might not enjoy in order to make ends meet.

But why don’t we do that now? Why not choose to invest in our happiness and change our attitude towards life? Winning the lottery should be the icing on top of the cake, helping us achieve even more in what we already love to do, instead of being the answers to everything. It can definitely change our lives, but whether it’s for better or worse, it’s all up to us. We’ve all heard the story of someone ending up worse than they were before because they overspent and didn’t plan out their future, so it’s not about getting more things to make us happy, but appreciating and honoring what we already have in our lives.

That being said, I will gladly accept the winnings of a lottery if I ever do win one (fingers crossed), but I love my life as it is, and there’s nothing I would ever change or give up for a lottery win.


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