Kingston, here we come!

You may have noticed a countdown on the side of my blog, and yes, we are moving again! We will be heading to Kingston, ON at the end of this summer. Although I do love travelling and am super excited for the change and opportunities this may bring, it’s also sad each and every time to leave the people I’ve met behind. I really enjoy working at MOK and take pride in all the work that we do, and truly hope that the ideas we’ve voiced will be followed through for an even better Municipality to live and work in. I’ve also grown so much both as a yoga teacher and a person under Ashley and all the beautiful yogis that come to practice at Sol Yoga, thank you for embracing me into this charming community and keeping me grounded each day.

With just two months left in Nova Scotia, we are creating a bucket list of things to do, and the first is to visit Cape Breton and drive along the Cabot Trail. If you have any other must see must do suggestions we’d love to hear them! Apart from the people, I’m going to miss the Atlantic lobsters the most; maybe I should try the McLobster out!

So as we look forward to the future and reminisce about the past, let’s not forget to also stay in the present. Enjoy every moment like it’s your last, and hope to see you all on the mat this summer!


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