My first Belly Dancing Experience

One of my new year’s resolutions for 2013 was to take up Belly Dancing, as it’s such a beautiful dance form and I’ve always heard how much fun it is. Then I found out that Loretta Burns, our new Development Control Assistant, teaches Belly Dancing at NSCC in Middleton! It’s like the stars and planets all aligned for me, shouting out my name and telling me to take it, take it now! But I found myself scared and uncertain, feeling the uneasiness that comes from stepping outside of my comfort zone. I started to hear a million excuses soaring through my head, telling me to not go because I would be terrible at it and make a fool of myself, and that the classes are too late at night and I’d rather spend time at home with David, and obviously Middleton is too far to travel.

Then it hit me, I’m never going to do anything with that kind of attitude! Why do I keep telling myself that I can’t do it when I haven’t even tried it yet? So I shrugged away all of my excuses and signed myself up right then and there, the day before her 10 week class started, and braced myself for the worst.

Turns out I loved it! It was so much fun and everyone was super supportive. Most of the ladies that come to her class have been going for a while now, each time learning a difference dance routine, but we still went through all of the basic moves and then worked our way into a choreographed dance together. This past Wednesday night was our last class and the Hafla, and we performed it in front of the other class and all of our guests, while our teachers and the other class showcased their dance as well.

To be honest I was a bit shy at first, finding the moves unnatural and yes, sexy. It’s almost like a taboo word for me, unconsciously unable to relax and move my hips in that way. But then I looked around and realized that we are just a group of women dancing for ourselves, not to show off, compete or vie for anyone’s attention, but to express ourselves and embrace our bodies with music and dance. Letting go of my inhibitions and not caring how I looked was such a freeing experience, and it also helped to boost my confidence level, not to mention meeting all of you great ladies, Barb, Shirley, Kristine, Joanne, Margaret, Maia, Corrina, and Theresa!

So here’s to putting ourselves out there, stepping outside of the comfort zone, and finding another piece of our true self.


Belly Dancing


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