Get what your Mother really wants for this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and as I drove to work yesterday, I heard a radio ad that said “Get what your Mother really wants for this Mother’s Day”. The word “want” startled me, I thought it used to say “Get what your Mother needs for Mothers day”. Then it hit me, we have become a “want” driven society. Companies no longer invent things based on what we need, but rather market their products by telling us what we should want. On a different channel, a telecommunication company is giving away a free e-Reader for signing up to their services, and another car dealership is giving away a Carnival Cruise for two if you purchase a car from them. We are bombarded with “add-on” products that have no value to us, unless we specifically wanted to buy them in the first place.

Do we feel better by having more things, or are they actually numbing us and making us want even more things? Whatever happened to be happy with what you have and actually enjoy the company of the people around you?

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I prefer being around real people and group activities rather than “hanging out” online. The more we want, the less happy we become. It’s like a never ending black hole that just has no limit. There will always be newer gadgets and cooler inventions that will roll out each day, but do we need to chase after that to feel better about ourselves? Why don’t we slow down, take a look at what we have, understand we really need, and stop and smell the flowers?

So spend quality time with your Mother on Mother’s Day, really take the time to get to know her, listen to her, and understand what she really needs in life. I’m unfortunately 20,000 km away from mine, and I’d have to “sail across the Pacific Ocean”, as Google Map suggests, in order to see her in person. But I will call her and have a great conversation like we always do, and now that I’m more grown up, I’m able to understand and see her as a person of her own, and glad that we are now more like friends.

To all the Mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!


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