The circle of life

In celebration of last night’s full moon and Lord Hanuman’s Birthday, we had a blissful class with a Moon Salution and worked our way slowly into Hanumanasana (full splits) in honor of the Monkey God.


Like so many people, tight hips has been the Bain of my existence since I was very young, struggling in my dance classes and watching other girls easily slide into full splits. At one time I was so close in touching the ground, but that final inch was so painful that it brought tears to my eyes. Sadly I wasn’t determined enough and soon decided to give up.

Now that I’ve grown up and invited Yoga into my life, I have slowly come in terms with my tight quads and hips, and although the gap between my hips and the ground grew, I am able to peacefully stretch them as I breathe, instead of allowing my ego to take over. Yin Yoga also helped by staying longer in the postures, especially pigeon, and really go deep within.

This week, I have decided to work myself back into Hanumanasana. Although I won’t be able to get into it right away, with determination and dedication I have successfully stuck with a set of postures each day, and am pleased that I’m back down to about half an inch away from the ground again! The final stretch will always be the hardest, but there is no easy way out and only hard work, and I will not rush or give up this time around. Good things come to those that wait, but you also have to prepare yourself in order to receive it. Once I continue to stretch in poses like pigeon, low lunge, butterfly and forward folds, things will align, and that last half an inch will come naturally.

On a different note, while we were flowing through the Moon Salutation, we ended exactly where we started, the Mountain Pose. Just like everything in life, every beginning means the end of something old, and every ending means the beginning of something new. Laozi once said, “If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.” Life is about many beginning and endings, and although looking forward to the future can be exciting and remembering the past can help us learn, we should not dwell too much on them, and miss out on what’s happening right now. Focus on who you are and what you have decided to become, rather than who you used to be or who you wish you could become.

Have a great weekend, and remember to come support our Relay for Life team at the Kingston Yard Sale, this Saturday 8am – 1pm!


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