Dear Volkswagen drivers, could you drive a little bit faster please?

So I’m cruising on the highway at 100km/h when bam, the cars starting slowing down in front of me to 90km/h. Everyone gets frustrated as the speed limit is 100km/h, and we all need to get to work on time. Finally there’s a passing lane, and as I pass through to the front, it’s another Volkswagen slowing down the traffic again.

It’s not the VW driver’s fault, they are driving at what they think is 100km/h, and wondering why everyone is getting angry at him/her for doing the right thing. The problem is that the VW speedometer displays speed at about 10% faster that what the actual speed is. So if you see that you’re driving at 100km/h, you’re actually only driving around 90km/h. It’s not as obvious at lower speeds, but when you are on the highway it makes a huge difference.

We own a white VW Golf and I adore it, but we’ve tested it again and again with GPS and speed displays along the road, and it’s really not going as fast as it’s displaying. It’s how the car was built, and since there’s a law in Germany that owners can sue the car company if the speedometer displays faster than the actual speed (if you see the speedometer display 100km/h but you’re actually driving 105km/h), VW has decided to lower the speed display altogether (or perhaps their technology isn’t good at detecting the true speed?) Our Acura displays the speed on the dot, and it’s probably because that Japanese car makers really do do a better job in electronics than the Germans.

If you search “volkswagen speedometer displaying faster speed” you’ll find a whole bunch of frustrated VW owners like me with the same problem. VW won’t fix the issue because 10% is within the allowed legal range, but I really wished they had told the owners up front.

So dear VW drivers, please test out your true speed and drive just a little bit faster to avoid any tailgating or negative feelings towards you. It will make the world a better and safer place : )

VW Golf 2012 candy white


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