Kumbha Mela, the end and the beginning

With the stars aligning in the cup shape, a new moon, and the spring solstice, Kumbha Mela’s main bathing day arrived. This year is the Maha Maha Kumbha Mela, the 12th of the 12th, which happens every 144 years. There was approximately 45 million people there on Feb 8th, waiting to bathe in the Sangam, the confluence of the three sacred rivers of India, Ganges, Yamura, and the Mystical Saraswati.

Here, amongst all the craziness and loud chanting day and night, I found the answers to my question.

Joual Entry:

When we strip ourselves of everything that predefines us, what’s left is pure and devine love for the Universe and everything in it. Unconditional love for the people, plants, animals, and planets, accepting all the good and bad as it is with love. Love for the truths and the eternal universe. I may not know who or what Krishna is, but I think he’s just love. Love for yourself and others. There’s no happiness or sadness, it’s contentment of what’s hapening now, this moment in space.

Acceptance of what is.


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