Govardhan Eco Village, simple life with a deeper purpose

The fading of my Henna Tattoo is a constant reminder that we’re on the last stretch of our trip in India. When we could not get out of the Kumbha Mela due to the traffic and insane fog, we missed our flight to Mumbai. We stayed the night in Lucknow and went on a sleeper train for 27 hours. Here we bonded and got to know each other better, and before we knew it, we were at the Ecovillage 2 hours outside of Mumbai.

It’s a place of calmess and peace, where everything worked together for a higher purpose. Sunlight is converted to power. Food waste is converted into methane gas for cooking dinner and water that goes to the gardens. Sewer is converted to biowaste used by a rooftop paradise.

Notes and scribbles from others’ great words of wisdom:

We are one, and we’re all sacred.

Treat others with the same respect we wish to receive ourselves.

Sharing one’s journey can shed light on other’s journeys.

Actions inspire more than words.

To be of service to others, you need to find yourself first. Only by knowing yourself can you identify what’s good and worthy.

When you let go of what no longer serves you, you can then create space to receive greater things. When you hold on to everything, you’ll have no room in your heart to see things differently.

There is no coincidence.


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