Packing list for India

Thanks to all the help from friends and co-workers, as well as the numerous research done online, I’ve finally come up with my own packing list for India. I like to pack light and avoid bringing any check in luggage, just for the ease of getting in and out of airports faster; there’s nothing worse than having to wait hours for your luggage and find out they’ve lost it!

1) A valid Passport with Indian Visa. Be sure to only apply for the Visa one month before your trip, as I was being too organized and applied 3 months ago and got rejected on the grounds of being too early. Also photocopies of my passport and Visa page.

2) Debit card, USD cash and/or traveler’s cheques. Depending on how long you’re staying and how much you want to spend, bring around 500-1,000 USD in cash. Remember to put your cash / traveler’s cheque / Debit card in different places.

3) Sun block, hat, and sunglasses (perhaps even an UV blocking umbrella)

4) Face masks if you are allergic to or just to avoid dust

5) A light scarf to cover your hair when you go into temples

6) Travel yoga mat, straps, and two sets of yoga clothing

7) A pair of walking sneakers and a pair of sandals (I’m also going to buy a few pair of cheap flip flops when I’m there so if any gets stolen I wouldn’t mind too much)

8) Shampoo, conditioner, face wash, toner, moisturizer, cotton pads/q-tips, tooth brush and tooth paste.

9) Insect repellent (mosquitoes love me!)

10) Medicines: anti-biotic, polysporin, melatonin, Huang Lian Su tablets (Chinese herbal remedy for upset stomachs and such), Chinese Medicated Oil (Feng You Jing, it’s good for relieving pain from bruises and arthritis, but I use it for itchy mosquito bites), band-aids

11) Modest swim suit, 2 t-shirts, long skirt/dress, 2 pairs of loose pants, and 3 sets of underwear. I’m hoping to buy some local clothes when we arrive.

12) Warm hoodie/sweater for the cold nights and thick socks for burning hot stones in the temples during the day

13) Bars of soap/detergent to wash my clothes, and hanger clips for overnight drying

14) Camera, tablet, Smartphone, earphones, charger, and plug adaptor

15) Light towel and a blanket (just in case I don’t sleep well in the beddings provided)

16) Swiss army knife for cutting fruits, nails and any other simple tasks (I’m debating on this one as without it I would be able to take my entire baggage on the airplane and avoid waiting at the airport)

17) Hand sanitizer and tissue paper

18) Mini flashlight

19) One small suitcase to put everything in, and a purse to carry with me

20) Combination and paddle locks

21) Glasses and contact lenses

22) Plastic bags to divide clean/dirty clothes

I also got a hair cut last Friday to simplify things for the trip.

6 days to go and I’m sure going to miss my babies!

 Joey and LSSMy short hair


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