Thought for food

As my trip to India approaches, I’ve been contemplating on the questions I would like to ponder while I’m there, and the answers I hold right now. I wonder if these answers will change, or will they deepen as I journey through the Hindu temples in Vrindavan, experience the gathering in Allahabad, and rejuvenate in the Eco Village outside of Mumbai?  My hope is that I will gain different perspectives to my questions and a deeper understanding of my answers.

So here it goes:

If I were to strip away my family, upbringing, education, jobs, and relationships, what’s still left of me? Am I defined by a set of boundaries, or is my potential endless? What is the purest form of me if I were to condense myself down to the last drop? What part of me will survive and still remain after the burning ashes? Who am I, and what am I to become?

And perhaps most importantly, how do I reach my highest potential and what would that entail?

Many philosophers have asked this question, and some answered with studying mathematics, as it’s the most logical and purest form of science, or by doing good deeds that have no negative consequences, or being virtuous and strive to become a better self with genuinely good intentions. All agree on some level that the “end” or ultimate goal is happiness and a fulfilled life.

For me, it’s to tune myself inwards. What I see, hear, feel, or say can be influenced by the outside environment, but to quiet the mind and study myself is my way of understanding the world, and maybe eventually finding out my highest potential.

We exist within this universe, and a part of that universe exists within all of us. To understand why I do the things I do, and why certain emotions appear under different circumstances, is my way of gaining a deeper understanding of the inner working of this magical universe within me. If I don’t understand myself fully, how could I even fathom to understand the rest of the world, or try to guide others in their journey through Yoga and everyday life?

I want to be the change that I wish to see in this world, and I will do so with every thought, step, and choice I make.




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