What would you do differently if you were to die in a year?

During my yoga teacher training, one of the question asked was if you were to die in a year, what would you do differently now? Without even hesitating I said, I would use up the remainder of my savings and travel the world. My teacher then smiled and said, what’s stopping you from doing that now?

Indeed, we work hard and save money so we can live the life we want. But isn’t it sad if we just worked and never had the time to enjoy what we wanted to live for in the first place? Or worse when we put the pressure on our children to achieve what we wanted for ourselves?

Of course there are always responsibilities and duties that we can’t let go all at once, but wouldn’t be nice if I could just drop everything, pack a few bags, and go around the world in 80 days? Unfortunately I can’t, at least not yet. But I will pick a few places that I want to visit before I die, and India, the place full of history, wisdom and spirituality, is definitely one of them.

After months of preparation, I have finally gotten everything ready for my trip to India. All I need now is to wait, pack, and prepare mentally for the adventure ahead of me. I am wildly excited for the trip, but also deeply afraid of the unknown. I want to open my heart to the changes that may come, but also terrified to find out what that entails. On the surface it’s just a vacation for two weeks where I get to see different cultures and people, but deep beneath I know it’s a calling, something that I’ve been searching for a very long time, perhaps an awakening, or a light that shines on a part of me that I never knew existed, to show me what life could be, and the next steps that I need to take to get to know more about myself.

As I sit here and breathe into the world around me, I feel more aware than ever.

I think 2013 is going to be a good year. What about yours?


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