India Journey Countdown

First off, welcome to 2013! Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday celebration filled with joy and love! Mine was very low key yet blissful as I stayed home cozied up with my kitties and hubby watching movies and playing games : )

As I sat in front of my desk on New Year’s Eve, looking back at my reflection in the mirror, it suddenly dawned on me that another year has passed by, and I will be turning 27 this year. Time doesn’t wait for anyone, and although I still feel young and around 21, I have to accept my adulthood and the responsibilities it brings. At this age my mother was already pregnant with me, looking forward to a life changing adventure with me inside of her. Although I’m not expecting, I am taking on a different kind adventure for myself, a trip of self development and soul searching, the trip to India this February.

I’ve always wanted to visit India, so to have this opportunity to attend Kumbha Mela is both extremely exciting and scary. Yes, I’m deathly afraid. Afraid of what I’m about to endeavor and find for myself; afraid to get lost in the biggest gathering in the world; and afraid my Visa will be denied or delayed. I don’t think I can calm myself down until I’m on the plane back home and realize what a life changing experience I’ve gone through.

So here goes nothing, and perhaps everything.


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