Weekly Yoga Flow – December 20th, 2012

1. Opening and Warm ups (sit in easy sitting pose and warm up neck and shoulders)

2. Cat/Cow with balancing arms and legs

3. Downward facing dog

4. Vinyasa Flow x 2

5. Repeat for both sides: 1) 3 legged dog 2) High lunge with twist to the side 3) Step forward into Chair with twist 4) Chair 5) Reach up in half moon 6) Fold forward 7) Vinyasa 8) 3 legged dog into wild thing 9) Side plank

6. Child’s pose

7. Head to knee pose

8. Slide or table

9. Seated Cat/Cow

10. Lie down

11. Bridge

12. Reclining Butterfly

13. Two knee twist

14. Happy Baby Pose

15. Shavasana

16. Closing



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