Tis the season to be Merry

It’s been a little over a year since moving to Greenwood now, and although I do miss Vancouver and all the conveniences it brings, I’m pretty happy here. The people I work with at the Municipality are all very nice and supportive, and I am proud of the work I do to make lives better. My yoga class is also growing and reaching out to more people, and our Lego Robotics Team “Sherlock Builders” is making it to the Provincials next Febuary!

So I started thinking, if happiness is a conscious choice we make and we are responsible for our own happiness, then all the reasons we make for being not happy are just excuses. Telling ourselves that by having more money, moving to a different place, or changing our job will make us happier is not always true. If we can’t stay positive and make the best out of what we currently have, then changing the external environment won’t change our mentality or make us happier. What we should focus on is bringing positive changes into our lives, and being proactive to make things better.

If you are not happy, then you should do something about it. Join a club, play team sports, get involved in the community, volunteer, and go meet more people. Make time for the loved ones in your lives, and make yourself useful and productive by giving your time and energy for a better cause.

We all live once on this beautiful planet, what would you like to spend your time doing?

 Stay positive and be Merry! (and don’t be like the grumpy kitty!)

Be merryGrumpy kitty


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