Customer Service Matters

I have to apologize for being out of the loop lately and not updating my blog as often as I would have wanted, but I must say my life has been very blessed with many great things keeping me busy.

I have been promoted to assistant Coach for David’s First Lego League (FLL) club, as well as continuing with the High School Robotics Competition (HRC) planning. Things are coming along nicely, and our first qualifying round for the FLL is tomorrow in Middleton. I designed our Team Logos, and they will be printed in white on a navy blue t-shirt. We have successfully completed 3 different challenges for this year, and will be continuing to work on the other ones. I really hope everyone can shine through and make it to the provincial competition next Febuaray! As for the HRC, two fo the three challenges have been posted to the website, and the mystery challenge is in the works : )

Sherlock BuildersSherlock Builders

On the Yogi side, my class on Thursday nights have been growing to an average of 6-8 people! I know it’s a small number compared to the bigger classes in the cities, but from last year this time when I started with 2-3 people, I’m very happy to see people enjoying the practice yoga and my teaching. So what’s my secret? The massage during Shavasana of course! Joking aside, I learned from my teacher Heather that being personal and getting to know everyone in your class matters. So whether it’s only 2 people or a class of 10, it always creates a sense of community when everyone is known by their names, and also getting to know each other.

What else made me very happy was the customer service provided by Koodo Prepaid and Jergens. I signed up for Koodo a while ago, but was having trouble getting top up vouchers. I searched through their site and closest one was in Halifax. I was panicing because it was due in 3 days and I still had trouble setting my credit card up. After calling their customer service and explaining the issue, they graciously gave me enough credit onto my account for another 30 days for free, so that I can have time to call my bank and solve the credit card mystery. In the end the issue was a minor one and got fixed soon after, but by doing what they did helped calm me down and made another happy customer. As for Jergen, I bought a bottle of their lotion but the pump didn’t work. I pumped and pumped and nothing would come out, I had others help me out and no one can seem to get it working. I was about to give up when I saw the “Questions? 1-800-xxx-xxxx” number on th back of the bottle. I called that number and was directed to a nice lady who took my information and promised to have another pump to me in 5 business days.

So at the end of the day, purchasing the right product matters, whether it be a cellphone plan or a yoga studio card, but providing good customer service after the sale is even more important.

On a sidenote, this is Joey’s first winter and Christmas, so we let him out with his little paws to step in the fresh snow. He was very happy and didn’t want to come back home, and when we finally chased him down, he had very muddy paws!

Happy Winter!

joey's first snow


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