Acadia, and my newest adventure

It has been a while since I visted an University, so today I was very excited to meet with Dr. Danny Silver and Karen Wilder of Acadia University in Wolfville to discuss my role in the Lego Mindstorm Robotics Competition.

Fallen leaves, quiet roads, old brick buildings, Acadia is like an eden within a busy world. I suddenly miss UBC and the life I had there, all the hard work, all nighters, laughter, and tears. It was my home away from home.

The meeting went great, and I will be volunteering as the Technical judge for the  High School Robotics Competition. It’s like second year PIP all over again, except this time I get to grill the students on their robotics design!

I am so thrilled about this opportunity, and ever so greatful for all the people in my life that made it happen. I really love working in an academic environment, and even more so, promoting something I’m passionate about to kids. Just like teaching yoga, it fulfills my life passions and help others too.

Sitting in the K C Irving Hall, it really is a flash back to UBC.

So to dreams, passions, and actualizations!

Have a great long weekend, and happy Thanksgiving!


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