Path to India

Lately I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by the things happening in my life, so let me take a deep breath and start.

I went to see my parents and relatives in Saskatoon during my birthday week, and it was really nice to see them again after 2 years. This allowed me to unwind, rest, and experience city life for a while. However, I came down with a bad case of constant agonizing pain in my abdominal area. I finally gave in and went to the clinic on the third night when all pain killers have failed and the pain was getting unbearable. The doctor told me it was stomach flu and prescribed me Pepto-Bismol. He then smiled and said that one more day I will be good as new. Sure enough, I woke up the next morning feeling great! It’s amazing how forgetful we are of pain and illness, and only reminded of how easy tasks like being able to eat without pain is such a blessing when it’s taken away from us. So yes, I’ve learned once again to value my health above all else.

After the stomach flu and porridge fest, I was finally able to enjoy yummy food! We had dim sum at Yip Hong’s Dim Sum Restaurant, fresh made pasta at Chianti Cafe, brunch at Poached Breakfast Bistro, and many of my mom’s home made delicious Chinese food. My cousin Beibei, who is an awesome chef, also came over to make my favourite spicy fish soup (suan cai yu) on my birthday. Speaking of which, I had three big cakes as everyone brought one over for the gathering, and we could only finish two of them by the end of the trip. I also had the pleasure of meeting the newest addition to my cousin’s family, an adorable baby boy!

Thursday afternoon we drove to Prince Albert National Park and stayed the night in a spacious town house. We had Mexican food for dinner at Angry Tacos, swam and splashed around at the water slide pool inside the resort’s, sun bathed on the beach, played card until midnight, canoed along the river creek, and headed back to Saskatoon for an amazing Szechuan dinner at Bedford Chinese Restaurant. Shortly after I whisked away to Rocksugar Restaurant & Karaoke Box to meet up with my high school friend Fanny, sing some K, and finally had my dose of BBT!

After arriving home in Greenwood, we had to adjust back to our timezones and the surroundings. I’m still a city girl at heart, but we were very happy to see LSS and Joey again, to sleep with them in our bed and clean up their litter boxes! It felt great and grounded to be home again.

Now onto the most exciting news, I have put down the deposit and booked my plane ticket to India for Kumbh Mela! David asked me where is the trip money coming from, so I thought for a moment and replied, it’s my spontaneous trip fund! For I have been saving money since my university years, while not knowing what I am saving up for (apart from retirement), so I am very excited when this opportunity presented itself and what it may bring for me. Till then I shall contemplate on what I have to offer, what I know, and what I am capable of receiving. I also want to keep an open mind and take in all that I can. When we have gained a different mind set or life experiences, we are able to experience the same place or activity on a whole new different level. I do not want to put any expectations on this trip, but rather be true to myself and feel what resonates with me deep inside. I hope it to be a journey for my soul, a path to deepen my current understand and give a different perspective to life; what it really means to live and breathe. I’m sure the people I will meet, the sights I will see, and the culture I will take in will be a life changing experience.

Isn’t it amazing when you start putting down your life in words and realize how blessed and awesome your life is? I sure do : )

For more information on my India Retreat, please visit Gopi’s blog here.


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