Weekend! (and other small happiness)

It has been a very long and tiring week for me, probably because I’ve been used to having long weekends for the past three weeks. So when Friday finally rolled around, I welcomed the weekend with both my arms out. I felt very accomplished Friday night, having finished vacuuming, swifering, and buying groceries, while still getting home in time to enjoy the Olympics Opening Ceremony with a side of MacDonald’s Happy Meal. I was glad Sponge Bob was there to cheer the teams on with his Karate chop : )

A very interesting thing I noticed was that they are building a fence for all of us in the backyard, since the back of our houses face a busy street leading towards the family resource center, library and the health clinic. While I do enjoy the view of the cars going by and people walking their dogs, I’m not sure if they also enjoy looking at me dancing around in underwear. Moreover, I wonder if anyone actually complained (like the change room issue), so they decided to block it off altogether? *wink wink*

Today I ventured to a place where it only exists in Atlantic Canada, well, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to be exact, Guy’s Frenchys. It’s a chained family clothing outlet, or a second hand shop, that’s quite big here. People of all ages and income brackets come and shop here, and I’ve heard so much from the people I work with. I just had to go see it for myself!

It’s like going to Salvation Army except everything is in big shallow bins. I went to the one just outside of Kingston in Wilmot, and it was very nice and cool inside. The clothes are separately by gender and type, and priced by type. For example,  all t-shirt and tops go for $2.5 while dresses go for $5.25 plus tax. As I walked around, I see people with big baskets and bins already filled with the clothes they are going to buy. I was happy to see that dresses and coats were hanged on the side, and some even come with original tags or T.J. Maxx and  Marshalls tags. Surprisingly there were lots of H&M and Abercrombie & Filch clothing, but even though the clothes are in decent conditions, the style and sizes vary drastically and were not to my taste. I was really hoping to find some interesting ethnic clothes but was quite disappointed.

So what’s the verdict? If you look hard and dig away, you might be able to find something special, but be prepared to spend a long time. Friends of mine have said that they plan day trips there, and there are special ways to sort the bins to find your perfect piece. I walked away with a dress by blu heaven for $5.25 and am very happy.

Thanks to my yoga teacher Heather, I’m introduced to the HBO show “Girls”. I’m currently on episode 2, and am very intrigued. It’s very messed up yet awesome at the same time, I’ll give a better review when I’m finished with the first season.

Also something I will be reviewing is of course, the famous “Fifty Shade of Grey” trilogy. I am on Book 2 and not sure if I can finish it : S

Stayed tuned!


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