Break free from your Cage

Since the arrival of our baby Joey, any paper product is now his new favorite toy, including a wall art I did a while ago, torn and scratched without any hope of taping back together. Therefore I decided to make a new one this weekend, and going with the same theme of paper art, it’s called “Caged freedom”.

There are times when we live inside a cage chosen by others, or one we have chosen for ourselves, where food and shelter is provided for us with nothing to worry about. We close ourselves to the rest of the world, refusing to listen or learn, finding what’s out there scary, dark, and unpredictable. We would rather curl up in what’s familiar and comfortable, and be with people that share the same views and ideas.

But how would we ever grow and learn this way? How can we truly see when we put a dark shade over our eyes? It’s nerve racking and uncomfortable when we face different ideas and opinions, but when you open up your heart and mind, you will see that we are all like leaves on a tree, branching out from the same trunk, and rooted in the same earth. We all have our differences and views, but deep under we share the same core as human beings on this planet and in this Universe. Why waste your time arguing about differences when you can learn from them and embrace your similarities. Confucius once said, amongst three,there is at least one who is qualified to be my teacher.

So be brave and step outside. Open up your cage and let the wind blow onto your face.

You never know where you might end up.


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