LSS’ quest for love has ended!

We feel very lucky with LSS and Joey, since there was never a separation period needed, and after just a night together, they have become decent enough to not hiss at each other.

I was a bit worried that Joey will bully LSS since she is very passive and quiet, but David reminded me of LSS’ age and size advantages, and that if she wanted to, she can pounce on him and he’ll be done (don’t want to ever see that happening!). Either way we were super careful not to let LSS feel left out or replaced, feeding her first and giving her lots of hugs and attention. But turns out Joey still fought his way up the ladder into the alpha cat of the household (or maybe LSS is just being nice), while LSS lets him eat first, takes first dibs on where to play, and even gave up her fuzzy blanket to him!

Yesterday morning we woke up to a loud thumping sound as Joey and LSS was playing hide and seek. Joey was biting LSS’ tail and edging her on, and then running as fast as he can while LSS chased him upstairs. Then came silence, and suddenly the thumping continues as it’s now Joey’s turn to chase LSS the other way around. I have honestly never seen LSS run so fast, and I’m so happy she’s getting her daily exercise.

By yesterday afternoon LSS was grooming Joey, and today they are napping together!

We are so happy they have become BFF’s (best feline friends, that is), and I think LSS’ search for true love has finally found a happy ending (and one that we approve of!)

Enjoy the cuddly photos : )


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