We are having a boy! (kitten that is)

So, as much as I hate to admit it, LSS is getting fat.

She’s lounging around at home all day and doesn’t want to move or play. Her favourite thing to do is to flop on the floor with her belly up and sleep. Staying at home just doesn’t do it for her anymore; she wants to go out at night and hunt, and thanks to that we’ve had a baby mouse on our door step last week. We still love her very much, but it’s time to get her up and going again. 

Introducing Joey, the one on the right : ) He’s 12 weeks old and super active / adorable / cute / sweet. We visited him at his foster mom’s last weekend, and will be brining him home tonight. We are very excited and hope he gets along with LSS like a big happy family (fingers crossed), and play together lots so LSS wouldn’t be so loney and bored when we are not at home during the day.

More pictures to come, and I just can’t wait!

P.S. I said to David that now we have two cats one is mine and one is his, he said he would fight me till the end for LSS : )


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