LSS’ second (& third) try at love

After the romantic encounter on Valentine’s Day eve, LSS hasn’t had any other visits from any kitty. As thoughtful and responsible parents, we decided to arrange a play date for her instead.

Meet Hermes, the 2 years old cute cuddly chubby tabby. He’s the proud son of David’s friend Phil and his girlfriend Sophie. I thought by having the same name as Hermes’ mother, our kitties must be able to get along. And of course we were wrong.

Phil and Sophie invited a group of us for wine and cheese last Saturday night after the Relay for Life yard sale. We brought LSS over with hopes that she would make a new best friend (or more), but were disappointed as they kept their distance all night long, hissing at each other when anyone got too close. LSS spent most of the night at the top of the staircase with Hermes 4 steps below her, fully invested and his tail all fluffed up. But when Hermes left and hid downstairs under the cabinets, LSS got curious and went down to find him. They went back and forth all night long, and although they didn’t fight, they never got close either.

At the end of the night, we decided to speed things up a bit by holding each in our arms and bringing them close to each other. There was a dead silence in the air for a moment, and then just as LSS started to hiss Hermes reached out his paws with sharp nails. We moved them apart immediately, and had to admit our failure.

But is third time always the charm? I got home last night after teaching yoga, and saw LSS outside staring at another tuxedo cat! We were all pleasantly surprised, and thought she must have finally found her soul mate! They chased each other around, and just as we were getting really excited, we soon realized that LSS was actually chasing the other cat away from the house.

What a bummer. LSS probably just likes to be the only cat and doesn’t want to share the love with anyone else.

Oh what a spoiled brat. Maybe that’s what you get with your only child!


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