A very kitty love Valentine’s Day

I hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day filled with flowers and chocolate goodies. We went to the Union Street Cafe in Berwick for their Valentine’s special, and although their food has been consistantly good, it was so busy and pakced with people that we were a bit dissapointed this time. However, we did have great conversations while waiting, and dressing up once in a while is always fun.

When we got home last night, LSS sneaked out onto the back porch. It was already close to 10pm so we called her in and wanted to go to bed. Usually with a shake of the temptations pouch she comes running home, but this time she just sat there and acted as if she didn’t hear anything. We were a bit worried so I put my boots on and went out to get her. To our surprise, she was staring at another kitty cat!

He’s a orange tabby with clear blue eyes, super cute and a bit chubbier than LSS. They started to play in the snow, and chased each other around. My heart fluttered and we were so happy that she found herself a date on Valentine’s Day! They went all around the house and the other cat sat sat near David’s car meowing at LSS, while LSS leaned through our front porch and stared back at him. David and I were like anxious parents, standing behind the door and rooting for LSS, hoping she’ll be brave enough to go take on her true love!

In the end LSS gained enough courage and ran over to him, but immediately they started fighting and biting each other. LSS ran back home soon afterwards and the other cat chased her to our front door. So much for true love because when the other cat tried to come in with a super friendly face, LSS hissed at him and did not want him in at all! I guess LSS is quite terriorial, and didn’t want to share her space with any other kitty. She’s super friendly and sociable with other humans, but definitely does not extend that politeness to other cats.

We heard the other cat meowing around our house all night and felt sorry for him. We hope it’s not becuase his owner forgot about him as it’s very cold outside in the snow. We might just have to ask around and see whose cat it is, and invite them over for a play date. LSS will have to learn to share her space and get used to other cats in the house, because one day I would like o have another kitty.

Stay tuned for more to come with LSS’ route to find true love, and a belated Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!


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