LSS Vs. Fishes

My friendship with Jeannette started when I asked her about where to get a good hair cut around here, as she was the only other Asian girl I know. Chinese hair can be very tricky to cut, and I was very happy with her suggestion.  Since then we’ve found lots of similarities and funny family superstitions during break time, and I always enjoy the yummy muffins she made with interesting and healthy ingredients such as zucchini and chia seeds, as she’s a vegan.

Sadly (for me) she will be moving away to Ottawa in a couple of week, but she has entrusted me with her three goldfishes and four pots of plants.

The goldfishes are named Mark (the white one), John (the spotty one), and Kurt (the other one), after the famous satirists. I must confess that I had to message Jeanette for their names again as I forgot them after she left : ( I sure hope I got the right name for the correct fish! Please don’t hate me Jeanette…

As for the plants, I’ve been bugging David for a while now to get some, so I’m happy to announce the arrival of an orchid, coffee bean, kumquat, and money tree! I think 2012 will be a good and prosperous year for sure now.

I was very worried at first about LSS, thinking she would go snatch up the fish at night and gasp, eat them! But there’s a lid on the tank and we have kept Mark, John, and Kurt safe in my yoga room where there’s a lot of light and privacy. I hope they like their new home!

Now I just have to set up a calendar with watering and feeding routine and watch them grow : )

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