Happy Chinese New Year!

Today is New Year’s Eve in the Chinese Calendar, jumping from the year of the Rabbit into the year of the Dragon, symbolizing a brand new year with a fresh new beginning.

It was also LSS’ birthday on Friday, making her now 2 years old and even cuter!

As I was chatting with my friend in Nanjing, she mentioned that the city now feels empty with everyone gone back to their original home town, leaving the very few people who are actually from Nanjing left. Suddenly you can get seats on the buses and not having to squeeze through people inside shopping malls. The only place that’s crowded are the Buddhist temples, with everyone going there at midnight to make wishes and blessings for the new year to come.

I have also decided to switch the theme of my blog for a cleaner look.

May the Year of the Dragon bring prosperity and health to everyone!



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