10 things you didn’t know about Nova Scotia

1. There are no cities in NS. Halifax is a regional municipality.

2. Stores opt to close on boxing day so retail staff can get two days of proper rest for Christmas. Boxing day sales starts on the 27th.

3. Gas prices are set every Friday and stays the same for the entire week. This is because residences of NS did not like the constant fluctuations in gas prices. We always play the gas oracle game on Thursday nights and I always loose.

4. Nova Scotians measure distance with time not actual miliage. If you asked someone how far away is Halifax from Greenwood, they would answer oh just an hour and half, instead of telling you it’s 150km.

5. Weather changes very quickly. It is -10 degrees snow storming at night and in the morning it’s 10 degrees and sunny.

6. There are only one license plate provided for automobiles that goes on the back of the vehicle.

7. You get your driver’s license within 2min of taking the photo, instead of waiting for 2 weeks for them to mail it to you.

8. Food prices are almost twice as much as it is in Vancouver, with poultry and milk especially expensive.

9. Many rural communities did not have civic addresses for their homes until 911 came in in the 1990’s. Permit applications for houses back then included very creative descriptions such as the pink house on the 2nd right with the green flower pots on the front porch.

10. Tim Hortons is a huge thing, almost as many as there are Starbucks in Vancouver, two on each street corner!


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