Happy New Year! (the Maritimes way)

I really can’t believe it’s already 2012, because in my mind I feel as if it’s still 2010. Time passes so quickly when we grow up, going by the weeks and months instead of hours and days when we were younger.

So to celebrate the long awaited arrival of the destined 2012, we decided to have an xbox360 marathon. We started off with Plants Vs. Zombies, but soon discovered Peggle. It’s such a weird game yet so fulfilling, especially when you hit the last orange peggle and the music starts, so fitting for NYE. We ended up playing all the way to 1am, finishing up the entire game in adventure mode.

As for food, what else than cheap lobsters at $5.47/lb, steamed and ready to eat? At the end I was getting pretty tired chewing the lobster meat that I almost gave up. I think by next year I’ll be saying, oh no, not lobster for dinner again!

I hope everyone had a memorable NYE heading into 2012. As for my new year’s resolution, I will stay happy and positive while staying fit and eating healthy. I also hope to travel and explore the Maritimes, discovering its hidden beauties and treasures, appreciating it while I am here.

Have a wonderful 2012! Stay happy and keep loving!


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