Boxing day

Now I know why it’s called boxing day, it’s because way too many people crowd inside stores trying to get what they want and they “box it out”, lol.

We arrived at the Halifax shopping center yesterday afternoon, and as soon as I walked in I lost my appetite for shopping. It was hot, crowded, and limited selection of stores and clothes I wanted. I ended up just getting a pair of shoes, a cami, and a fuzzy hoodie. I was hoping to go to Mexx or Jacob for some work clothes, but to my surprise they didn’t have any stores there. Jacob was in Dartmouth and Mexx was only carried within other stores.

A little disappointing but at least the food was good. We had delicious pulled pork poutine at the famous Smoke’s Poutinerie, and washed it down with their own cream soda. They also serve all kinds of poutine from bacon cheese burger to Italian deluxe, and all sounds very appetizing. We then went to Fujiyama for our sushi fix, and the spicy tuna roll definitely hit the spot.

Maybe I will order online from now on and save ourselves from getting up early and driving all the way to Halifax.

Fun fact of the day, did you know that Halifax is not a city but a regional municipality, and there are no cities in Nova Scotia? I had no idea!

Happy shopping and stay in budget!

P.S. LSS was so excited after we got home yesterday, and jumped all over the shopping bags on the kitchen floor. She also went a bit crazy and ran around the house like mad and pulled her side spider man move on the cat house. Very adorable and funny to watch, but what she lacks is in hygiene because her butt always stinks. How do you train your cat to clean themselves after using the loo? I sure can’t demonstrate…


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