Merry Christmas

It was 8 degrees at the beginning of this week, and we were starting to wonder if we would get snow for Christmas this year. Then on Friday it suddenly started to snow, and the temperature dropped to -12 Celsius. It’s a bit chilly for sure, but what I’ve been hearing all around is that everyone got their one Christmas wish, to have a white Christmas.

LSS was a bit scared of snow at first, reluctant to step out into the fluffy whiteness, curious and wondering what it is. But later she realized how much fun it is and jumped all around in the snow. I had to shake the temptation pouch to get her running back. She also learned to drink out of the toilet bowl. It’s quite the funny sight, and I guess no cat ever like to drink out of their own water bowl, even when we bought her a water fountain.

Another thing I learned is that stores aren’t open on Boxing day here in the Maritimes. It was actually illegal for stores to be open on Dec 26th before 2006 in Nova Scotia, and although the government lifted the ban, stores still opted to stay closed for their employees’ benefit. Retail employees here have long complained that they don’t get a well deserved break to celebrate Christmas, always required to come in on the 25th to help set up the store for the 26th. Therefore in the spirit of the holidays for everyone, stores have decided to stay closed on the 26th, and all sales start on the 27th. I was a bit bummed and shocked to learn it at first, but I guess it’s only fair for everyone. Well, I’m still quite sad because if I don’t get the 27th off I won’t have time to go shopping anymore. Moreover, since I don’t celebrate Christmas, boxing day was the only thing I looked forward to for the holidays. Oh well, guess that’s one more thing to get used to!

Happy holidays and stay warm!

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