Yoga Series No. 2 Flowing with Breath

This flow is great because there’s a lot of fluidity and movement, reminding us to connect with our breath and flowing with it. Remember just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean we can ever stop practicing yoga, on and off the mat : )

Opening with three part Dirga breath


Child’s Pose

Downward Dog (walking out the dog and stretching the hamstrings)

Cobra/Sphinx x 2 (rest on side of cheek in between)

Downward dog

Jump/hop/walk foward

Standing Foward Fold – > Half way up -> Foward fold

Flow here for both sides:

Step right foot back, windmill arms up -> Warrior 2

Side angle


Warrior Two

Windmill hands down -> Three legged dog


Switch legs

Downward Dog (walk out the dog)

Jump/hop/walk forward

Standing forward fold -> Half way up -> Fold

Bend knees and sit down

Slowly coming down to lying on the back (hands holding on the back of the thigh for support)

Bridge pose


Two knee twist

Happy baby pose and cooldown



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