Holiday Memories

I can’t believe how close Christmas is! As I sat on the bus last night, I suddenly realized why the buses might be slower here than the big metropolitans, it’s because people are far more friendlier and it’s a more close knit community. The bus driver would chat up with people on the bus, and it’s so nice to see genuine conversations on public transit, even if it makes the driving a bit slower. It’s true that buses in Vancouver are mostly on time and very accurate, but people are all on their ipods and iphones, listening to music and isolated from everyone else. What would be  great is if we can both be open to people around us and still be on time : )

What more it reminded me of was my first Christmas when I was three. I had just moved to England with my mom to reunite with my dad, and it was our first Christmas together. There was a big party and I was told that Santa would give me a present if I were a good girl all year long. I was a bit confused because there were no Santa Clause in China, but my parents reassured me in England there is. I got all exicted and dressed up for the occation. When my name was called I went on stage and sat on Santa’s lap, telling him how good I’ve been all year long. He then smiled at me and handed me a small box wrapped up in ribbons. I was so excited and thanked him. As I went back to my parents and opened up my present, I was shocked and confused. It was a small green toy dinosaur. My parents’ face went pale as they realized “Santa” had mixed  up my gift with someone else’s.  I assume it was a little boy’s Christmas wish because what my parents got me was a pink tea cup set. They told me to wait with friends as they searched for the little boy. Unfortuantely he had already left after receiving his gift, and I never got my tea cup set back… That was also when I realized my parents were the real “Secret Santas”.

Now that I look back on it, I’m okay with having a dinosaur, but I sure hope when that boy got home and opened up his present epecting a dinosaur, that pink tea cup set didn’t ruin his Christmas. If I ever get to meet him again, I’d love to have my tea cup set back!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone!


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