Do buses reflect motivation?

It’s been almost a month since I’ve taken the Kings Transit bus from Greenwood to Kentville for work. I hear that most County and rural areas do not even have a transit system, so I’m lucky to have this option open for me. However, what I am not pleased with are the long waits and delays.

The posted time for arrival in Kentville after work is 4:46pm, but the bus always comes between 5:00 and 5:10, never once close to being on time. What’s ironic is that the bus actually always arrive on time in Greenwood, meaning the bus driver fled through the highways and raced back as fast as he could. I don’t mind waiting a bit for the bus, but 20min in the dead cold winter is really not fun. What’s even worse is that the bus stop is stationed outside with no shops nearby, thus I can’t even leave and seek warmth somewhere else because I wouldn’t see when the bus is coming. Furthermore, the bus only comes once every hour, so I would rather sit in the cold and wait for 20min than taking the chance of missing it and wait another hour!

I would really appreciate it if any of these two things happened:

1) The bus be on time at 4:46pm.

2) Change the advertised time to 5:00pm and if the bus arrives early, they will wait till 5pm.

This really got me thinking about whether a transit system reflects the overall motivation and pace of an area. Are buses here taking their sweet time because people are also relaxed and laid back? Or is it because not many people need to get anywhere right on time, and if there were urgent matters, they would have drove the car? I noticed that the culture here is to drive instead of taking public transit, so is taking the bus a last resort or when they can’t afford a car?

Maybe there are also not enough incentives for people to bus. If the buses were on time and arrived almost the same time as driving, people will definitely catch on for the ride. It’s too bad that there aren’t enough people to allow more flexibility and choices in the transit system.

Currently I spend 3 hours everyday just on transporting, and that’s a lot of time. I will be car pooling with one of my co-workers in the new year to save some of that time.

For those of you in Vancouver using Translink, you really have it good : )


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