Two weeks in

It’s been two weeks since I started working at the Municipality of Kings. All of the staff members are very friendly and down to earth, making me feel very welcoming and at home.

It was a bit of transition from working in the private sector to a government position, also a change from the intimate setting at DeepRoot to a multi-department setting here at the county. But one thing that stays the same is being able to see the positive changes taking effect and becoming a part of it. I hogged the office printer for over an hour and half to print off 2000+ copies of the dog tag reminders, in which we now introduces the new online registration system to make it easier for the public to renew or register their dog tags.

I hope to get involved and identify more projects to increase the efficiency of the work being done, thus able to provide a even better customer service experience to the public.

Last night was our Municipal Christmas dinner party with casino night. Although we didn’t win anything in the end, we still had lots of fun playing cards, spinning wheels, and talking to everyone there.

Here’s our very own Christmas tree in the office, hope everyone’s getting ready for the holidays! : )


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