It’s a Snow Day!

As if my wish came true, a snow storm passed our area bringing 15-30cm of fluffy whiteness. Just this morning we already have about 10cm, and it’s going to last all day and all night. What’s even more weird is that rain is coming soon and this weekend is going to be 13 degrees again. I think it’s going to be fun weather roller coaster.

Another exciting news to announce is that starting next Monday I will be working at the County of Kings as a support clerk in Kentville! It’s going to be a very exciting experience for me, and because of this job we are able to adopt LSS before the holidays. It has been almost three months without a full time job for me, and although staying at home seems like a very easy thing to do, it’s not. Being a housewife is definitely more difficult than I thought, and unfortunately I don’t make a good one either. I’m happy that I have finally found a position that I’m passionate about, and work is only 5min walk from the Sol Yoga Studio. Sadly I will have to move or cancel the yoga teaching in Greenwood because Kentville is a 40min drive from home.

Things are definitely looking up and now I just have to train myself to get up at 6 to catch the bus at 7.  Oh the joy of busing!


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